Charles Wilson

Author And Co-Producer



Wilson was born on August 2, 1939, in Kennett, Missouri,  to Dr. L.C. Wilson and Alberta P. Wilson.  Wilson was raised in a very homey and down-to-earth environment along with his two sisters, Lee Ann and Lila Jo Wilson. 

Before becoming a writer, Wilson had business experience in farming and real-estate development in Mississippi and oil prospect investments in Oklahoma.  In his free time, Wilson enjoys coaching various little league sports teams in Brandon, Mississippi, where he lives with his wife. 
He has published to date: 
Nightwatcher, Silent Witness, The Cassandra Prophecy, (all mystery/suspense tales) Direct Descendant, Fertile Ground, Extinct, Donor, When First We Deceive, Embryo, Game Plan, Deep Sleep and The Remora (2010), all science- based thrillers. 
His exciting new work Happy Starling and the Rising Mountains, a Harry Potter like Fantasy Story will be published soon.
“With this taut tales and fast words, Charles Wilson will be around for a long time. I hope so.”John Grisham
“Charles Wilson (is) a wizard plotter… The Los Angeles Times
“Move over Jurassic Park, the really dangerous prehistoric creature has been brought back…Man. A terrific read, one done better with your door locked–for all the good that would do.”  —Jackson Clarion Ledger
“A story as technically correct as a Tom Clancy novel, as terrifying as a Stephen King work, genetic experimentation that not only could take place, but will take place someday–with the results only to wonder about now. A sure fire bestseller.”  —Johnny Quarles, Author of Brack, Fool’s Gold, and Spirit Trail
“Lean, tight, and compelling. You barely have time to catch your breath–and they’re back again.”  —Greg Iles, New York Times BestSelling Author